Considering a Video Doorbell? Read This First!

Considering a Video Doorbell? Read This First!

Smart home lovers likely rejoice at the continued flood of smart house accessories on the market, one of which are video security doorbells.

According to the experts at Alarm New England, installing a doorbell camera can help secure your home and eliminate risks associated with opening the door for strangers, and law enforcement agencies across the nation are generally in support of the devices as a tool for reducing crime.

The site offers these additional points to review before you buy:

Most doorbell cameras max out at 1080p resolution, and the higher the resolution, the sharper the image, generally speaking.

Night Vision
Night vision capabilities will allow you to clearly see who is at your door even when it’s dark out, giving you security 24/7.

Field of View
If the video doorbell you are considering says it offers 180 degrees, it means the camera can see everything in front of it, and to the sides, while 90 degrees means it can only see to the front, and a tiny bit to the sides. A wider field of view is preferred for nearly all scenarios.

Audio Features
One of the biggest benefits of doorbell cameras is being able to communicate through it to speak with whoever is at the door.

Motion Detection
Look for advanced features such as monitoring specific zones while ignoring others—perfect for houses near a busy street to avoid getting motion alerts every time someone walks or drives by.

Cloud Storage
For security purposes, having a cloud storage option can be helpful. In the event of someone vandalizing or stealing from your property, you’ll have some video evidence ready.

App Support
Be sure the video doorbell you’re buying has excellent app support so you can actually connect to it fast to see who is at your door.

Many web sources remind homeowners that since all video doorbells require a Wi-Fi network, many manufacturers advise placing the device as close as possible to an internet router. If the internet router is located far from a video doorbell, homeowners may want to consider adding a modestly priced internet signal booster plugged into an outlet adjacent to the newly equipped video doorbell to enhance signal quality and speed.

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